Character creation

Although The Jammer Indomitable takes place in the custom Spelljammer setting, create your character using the races, classes, and rules available in the 5th edition Player’s Handbook (PHB).

House Rules

This game uses feats.

Human characters may choose the stock stat boots offered by their race. If they wish, they may take the variant human stat/feat/skill bonus instead.

The Perils of Fire

When creating your character, keep in mind that the Phlogiston (the substance that permeates the void between crystal spheres) is highly flammable. Any source of mundane or magical flame, even if lit inside the confines of a spelljammer ship, creates a sizeable explosion. As a point of reference, lighting a candle while traveling the Phlogiston sparks an explosion that deals 1d4 damage to anything in the immediate area. The explosion from a fireball or other fire-based attack is large enough to cripple or destroy a ship.

While most adventuring will take place inside the confines of crystal spheres, where there is no Phlogiston present to react with open flame, combat sometimes breaks out while traveling between spheres.

Divine Spellcasting

Divine power operates differently in Spelljammer. Divine casters like clerics and paladins draw on the powers of their gods, but a deity only has influence within its crystal sphere. What happens when a divine caster leaves that sphere?

Most divine casters who venture beyond the bounds of their crystal sphere worship aspects rather than specific deities. Many pantheons have gods who share basic values; for example, a worshipper of the Protector aspect is able to piggyback on the power of a sphere’s native protector-god when they travel there.

The aspects available for selection by cleric and paladin characters are:

The Protector (domains: Light, Life)
The Vengeant (domains: Light, War)

The Plentiful (domains: Trickery, Tempest)
The Knowing (domains: Knowledge, Nature)

The Reaper (domains: War, Tempest)
The Tyrant (domains: Knowledge, Trickery)

For reference, the gods of Tir are:

Macchius, god of the wilds (Chaotic)
Hands-of-Iron, god of civilization (Lawful)
Ar-Sheldan, god of opportunity (Neutral)

Character creation

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