The Jammer Indomitable is a Dungeons & Dragons 5th edition (“D&D Next”) campaign framed within the Spelljammer setting.

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What is Spelljammer?

This setting, taglined as “D&D In Space,” was developed for the 2nd edition of Dungeons & Dragons (“AD&D”).

In Spelljammer, adventurers ride spaceships powered by magic (the titular “spelljammers”) through an ocean of swirling light and colour called the Phlogiston (colloquially “the Flow”). Solar systems are contained within colossal crystal spheres that protect them from the Flow outside.

The Spelljammer universe is still filled with all the races and classes you’d expect to see in a stock game of D&D, but adds a variety of new peoples, places, creatures, and mechanics to explore.

What is The Jammer Indomitable?

In this campaign, you play an adventurer hailing from a small planet called Tir. Though traveling to other spheres is common—everyone knows someone who’s been off-world—your character leads a life of local adventuring and has never journeyed out into the wider universe.

But the gods of Tir—Macchius, Hands-of-Iron, and Ar-Sheldan—have gone to war against each other. The earth cracks; the winds die; the waters rise. You need to get off-world as quickly as possible before the divine struggle tears the planet to shreds around you.

You’re lucky enough to find a posting at the local spaceport: the spelljammer Indomitable is hiring a crew for a mercantile mission to another crystal sphere. The captain of the Indomitable is just as intent on escaping the fracturing planet as you are. This could be your ticket out.

The Jammer Indomitable