Character hook-ins

Scott (tiefling warlock): Made a “pact” with the Prime Mover (reaching through the fabric of reality, grabbing hold of a thread, and pulling on it until power leaks out). Smaller-scale version of what Gothra’s doing.

Jamie (wood elf bard): Signet ring passed down through family: a rearing gold iron w/ a tiny ruby heart. IEA seal, means character (and entourage) is recognized by the IEA. Also, potential Brotherhood of Bard Bullshit (spies, as per Gangs of Whaloon?)

Natasha (elf cleric): Cleric of the Trickster (thus Ar-Sheldan). Is aware of Ar-Sheldan’s magic being cut off.

Carly (half-orc monk): ???

Character hook-ins

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